Thursday, April 7, 2011

3) Maddur & Kanva: (4/4/2011)


Chapter 3) A meal to remember


Before I start yapping, salutations to Team India, they’ve made us feel more proud of being an Indian. I had been on a 200km trip on Sunday to muthati, but not with my fellow Black Saint. And there was a need for the Black Saints to hit the road, since the exam season was round the corner. The whole trip started with this conversation:

Around 4 am,
Zethu : “yo macha, hungry?”
Karthik : “yeah”
Zethu: “ Maddur for breakfast??”
Karthik: “cool(t) ... lets hit it yo !!”

That is how spontaneously we go on trips. Karthik had a sore back, after all the celebration on Saturday, and I hadn’t slept in nearly 40hrs, as I was still running high on India’s victory, and I was also tired from Muthati trip, but it takes much more than sore back, and exhaustion to stop us from hitting the road.


This time though I was tired of sneaking out, and told my parents that I was going out to play cricket with friends, and left home, and reached our usual place of departure, Karthik’s place. We left his place at around 5 30am, once again, an early morning ride, and it was good as usual. We zoomed through the Mysore Highway (SH-17) at 60’s – 70’s speed. I’ve begun to fall in love with this road. It’s just so smooth and offers very little trouble to a biker. We made our first stop after Ramnagar, to fill our tanks. The ride, on the whole was good, except at the town of Chennapatna, where the road humps were a big bummer, and really pissed us off. As we were leaving Chennapatna, I just turned towards the rear view mirror to see the sun slowly rising. We had to make a stop by the side of SH-17, just to get a glimpse of the orange-ish sun. A few kilometers from that stop we reached our destination, Maddur Tiffanys.


We had nice breakfast at Maddur Tiffanys. Maddur Vada, is a specialty there. It was just around 8am, when we finished our breakfast, and were roaming around there, in the near-by fields. We didn’t want to go home so early and Karthik came up with an idea I couldn’t resist, re-visit Kanva.

Kanva was just around 20kms from Maddur. After a nice breakfast, our adrenaline was pumping, and we raced away to Kanva. This time though we wanted to explore bit more of that place, and so we rode along the reservoir to get to the other side of it. The terrain initially was good, it was green like a cricket field, and then it got very un-even and kinda unstable, but we continued riding, until we reached a nice stop to cool off our machines. The Black Saints got a nice welcome from a Black bird, and it kind of felt good. We parked our bikes, and started roaming around, and sat at the rocks and were discussing about the future of The Black Saints, i.e. it’s future trips.


After staying in Kanva for a good 30-45mins, it was time to hit the road, and get back to Namma
Bengaluru. While coming back, we wanted to take an alternative route from Kanva on to SH-17, and that got us on an awesome ride through villages. The road was too good, except for few patches along the route which were not good. There was lot of greenery all along the route, and the road was empty for quite some distance, and it feels really good, as a biker to go on roads like these. That road took us to Ramnagar, and connected us to SH-17. We made a final stop at Ramnagar, to refresh ourselves, and rode in full speed on to Jnana Bharathi where we’d split. The ride back, was awesome, as the sun was up, the highway was pretty much deserted, and ours were the only two bikes roaring. Once again, it was a pleasure riding with fellow Black Saint, and my bro, Karthik, as we made this meal, one to remember.

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Distance: 200kms
Bikes: Avenger > Pulsar.



  1. looks like u had a couple of gr8 rides. i havent done any bike trips for a good 7 years now. ur pics made me nostalgic!

    also thanks for the comment on my site. i will add these places as soon as i have a 1st hand experience :) thnx for the information.

  2. Hi sandeep, thanks firstly, for dropping by our site, and we'd like to see your take on these places as well. We have many more places to cover as well, we'd keep you updated on our upcoming trips, thank you.