Thursday, March 31, 2011

1) Manchinbele : 6/3/11


Chapter 1 ) Manchinbele - Black saints identity : 6/3/11


It had been around four days since I bought my new Avenger 220cc. Karthi and I had been planning on a bike trip ever since I bought my gaadi. We were very keen on going to Kanva, and so we planned to hit kanva on an early morning Sunday, since I had to sneak out and be back before my parents got up :P

No surprises, I couldn’t get up at 4am, the scheduled time for our departure. I got up at 5am and rushed to karthi’s place. The original plan of going to kanva was scrapped, since I had to get back home before 9am tops. But we really badly wanted to hit the road, as Karthik is a regular when it comes to going on bike trips, and he hadn’t been on one lately, and I had just bought a new bike and wanted to hit the highway. We unanimously decided to go to Manchinbele, 35kms from there.


So wasting no time, we turned on our engines, and hit the road. It was an early morning ride, the weather was fairly cool, well, at least I felt like it was cold, while Karthik had got used to riding in such conditions. The best part about any ride is well, the ride itself. We were going at constant 40’s, mainly because it was a new bike and didn’t really wanted to eff up the engine, and with a pleasant weather, we rode through the Mysore Highway. Karthik and I had a perfect sync when it came to riding along the highway, which added a lot of flair to an already superb ride.


As we approached Rajarajeswari Dental College, we had to take a diversion off the highway. As we took that road, the sun slowly crept up, and made our ride even better. Imagine this: A nice empty road, pleasant weather, and sun rays slowly starting to graze the road, damn! It was an awesome ride, one which I wouldn’t forget for a long time to come. After driving further, we reached the place. The part about manchinbele, is that, as you ride, you wouldn’t get a glimpse of the place, until one place where you take a left turn and suddenly you’d see this wonderful reservoir with mountains at its back drop.

This was not the first time we came to Manchinbele, but this was the best view of manchinbele we had ever got to see. I’m sure it’s a view every photographer wishes to see. We got to see an awesome view of the Savandurga hills, being hit by early sun rays on one side. One side of the hill seemed like gold.

We spent some time talking, as we didn’t want to go hit the water, as it was pretty cold, and I had to return home without any suspicion. One important conversation:

Karthi:”macha, we should give ourselves some name da”

Zethu: “yeah”

Karthi: “It should start with Black, since our mean machines are black”

After a few names,

Zethu: ”How about Black Saints?”

Karthi: “awesome \m/”

And that’s the story of how Black Saints originated!


After a while, we decided to leave manchinbele and head home. The ride back home was good, as the

sun was back up, and shining with full might. We stopped at a spot just to observe something amazing… there was clouds trapped amidst small mountains.. What a wonderful sight tat was …after that we headed back in full flow…I reached home on time, left no traces of me gone.

To me, Manchinbele, would always remain a special place, and I’m sure I’d come back to this place again as soon as possible.


Avenger > Pulsar.


30) Manchinbele - The Origin : 6/3/11