Sunday, April 3, 2011

2) Kanva : (27/3/2011)


Chap two : Kanva -Riding that extra mile.


Manchinbele was technically, the Black Saints’ first outing, but we were not satisfied with that, and
wanted to go on a really long ride. We had a very ambitious plan of going to Pondicherry, but that plan failed due to various reasons. Now, the need for a bike trip intensified and we went back to our old plan of going to kanva reservoir. The plan was simple, leave at 4 30am, early again, since my parents are against road trips and stuff, and I had to sneak out again. Anyway, leave at 4 30am and be back home 9 am tops. I have it really tough when it comes to getting up that early and I didn’t want to let down my bro and fellow black saint, Karthik, and so I decided to not go to sleep and anticipated my first ‘real’ long trip on my Avenger, all night.


At around 4:45am, we roared through the ring road and connected to the Mysore Highway. I had started to enjoy these early morning rides, as the highways are less crowded at that time, and the weather is pleasant too. Once again, Karthi and I shared perfect sync, as we vroomed along the highway at constant 50’s speed. All along the highway we could spot aftermaths of car crashes.

After driving along for a while, we reached Ramnagar, after passing through which, we decided to stop for a small chai break. Karthik was pointing to me that Kanva wasn’t that far away. Another thing about early morning rides is riding along as the sun rises. As we took a deviation off the Mysore Highway, although we couldn’t see the sun, as it was covered by few clouds, it was slowly getting brighter. The ride to kanva off the highway was fun. It was a small road, and not really a bad one with nice scenery all along the road. After driving some distance we caught a glimpse of the reservoir. I was really excited; as it was the time I had got there. We went off road for a few meters and there we were, finally! at kanva.


Kanva reservoir isn’t a huge reservoir, it’s a small one, which I guess is the reason, not many people know about it, but it offers an awesome view, with mountains at its back drop. There wasn’t much water in there, but we could spot a fisher man, trying his luck early morning. A few minutes later, we would be in for an awesome sun rise. I guess the sun had just risen then, but was covered by clouds. Some of the clouds were dispersing, and then started a sort of a hide and seek between the sun and the clouds. The view was absolutely wonderful, as we could see the reflection of the sun rays from the reservoir. It was picture perfect, and unarguably the best sun rise I have ever seen so far. Quite unwillingly, we had to leave after a while, and so we did. We bid adieu to that wonderful place and vowed to go back there soon.


The ride back to Bengaluru was kind of fun. Karthik has a weird affinity with dogs. As we were passing through a village, since it was morning and most of the dogs then had woken up, they were giving karthik ugly stares, which was really funny if you were in my place. Some even seemed like getting ready to chase him. Overall, the ride back was pleasant, as we cruised with full speed to Namma Bengaluru.


As I was reaching my place I just noticed that I was a bit late, and there was a chance I would be busted by my parents. As I was trying to sneak back in, I saw my dad sort of like investigating a crime scene, trying to find me in my room. I quickly snatched a pajama from my room, took a bucket and cloth and raced down to pretend as though I was cleaning my gaadi, and thus came clean with my parents, as they had no idea that I had been on a 120kms bike ride.



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